Business English

This course is designed for students who need to use English effectively in both general and business environments. Gain a competitive advantage in your career and increase your employment prospects. This course has everything you need to succeed in international business.

The Business English course focuses on practical , useful and essential knowledge designed to help improve and develop business English communication skills ,self-confidence to communicate effectively with people from other countries and culture. It means being able to speak English at work, but also the pleasure of interacting in social situations with confidence .it means creating new opportunities for both you and your company .The business communication and intercultural skills you learn in these course will help you to grow personally, as well as professionally in dealing your business transactions ,meeting, calls & appointment carefree .

The course content focuses on common business correspondence supported by grammatical structures, vocabulary patterns and pronunciation.

Throughout the course, the participants will develop necessary skills to handle themselves in a variety of business contexts such as correct form and use of business applications, information management, information technology and telecommunications.


In each module, through a combination of written exercises, presentations, dialogues and role-plays in realistic business situations, you will practice and improve your skills in: business vocabulary and “buzz words”, email, memo and letter writing, negotiating, interviewing and telephoning in English.They are designed to teach the basic to high level functions that students need to succeed in business-oriented situations.

The overview of the course is as follows:

Module 1: Applying for a Job

Module 2: Meetings

Module 3: Business Correspondence

Module 4: Telephoning

Module 5: Making Presentations

Module 6: Process Managements

Module 7: Negotiating

Module 8: Reports

Module 9: Social English

Module 10: Taking a Break

Module 11: International Trade

Module 12: Developing Leadership Skills & Team Building

Module 13: Effective Communications in Presentations

Module 14: Decision making, Motivation & Delegation, Effective Communication 

Module 15: Marketing & Advertising

Module 16: E-Commerce, Viral marketing & Social Media

Module 17: Banking, Stock Markets, Mergers & Acquisitions

Module 18: Relationship Building & Networking

Module 19: Recruitment Interviewing

Module 20: Business Law, Ethics & Environmental Issues.

Module 19: Effective Communication in Selling & Negotiations

Module 20: Management Styles In International Companies.

Note: Specific modules can be provided on request.

Skills developed throughout the course:

  • Speaking
  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing