English for Adults

Our courses help adult learners develop the communication skills they need for study, to improve their job prospects, or just for the joy of learning.With a wide range of print and digital components our courses can be adapted for any teaching scenario. They also include student apps for on-the go-learning and teacher apps to provide everything needed for motivating lessons.

Whether you want to accelerate your career, prepare for study or improve your social interactions, our online courses can help you to achieve your goals.Our expert, highly qualified teachers offer engaging, interactive face-to-face and online English classes and courses. We’ll give you the confidence to use the English language in the situations that matter to you.

Study the language you’ve seen in the video throughout the Interactive Lessons to improve your listening and speaking skills. Join in and record role-play conversations from the TV series using the language from the video. Complete your student workbook to practice reading and writing and get instant feedback