Advance Conversation

This course explores complex topics relevant to global mindset, intercultural and multicultural business perspective, modern life,innovation & technology.Wide range topics to expand your vocabulary and increase your comfort with the English language.

This course covers vocabulary at the highest levels.You will work on gaining fluency, confidence, and preciseness by speaking at length about a wide range of topics. In addition you will receive corrections simultaneously right after the lessons to help improve coherence ,pronunciation and grammatical accuracy.


  • Customs and traditions;
  • Coronavirus, Diseases;
  • Electric cars;
  • Rich world, poor world;
  • Fake news;
  • Violence in the world today;
  • What would you do if….?
  • Natural disasters;
  • Annoying things;
  • Success- failure;
  • Social networking
  • Manners;
  • News coverage in the media today;
  • Job interviews;
  • Environment;
  • Shopping on the internet, Risk ,Politician’s personal lives.History for futures generations, Technology,Travelling has become easier and cheaper.What has it changed in people’s lives,Describe the best or worst trip you ever took,Work, Is life today better than in the past?Think about the following, Inventions, What are the 5 most important decisions in a person’s life?The internet is an essential communication tool in today’s world,The effects of medical and scientific progress,Honesty – Truthfulness, Politics